We arrived in Shanghai in familiar weather - rain! Having had a very early start, most members of the choir spent the rest of Saturday catching up on the sleep left behind in Beijing. On Saturday night our hosts (the wonderful Yang family) treated us to an excellent dinner in Yu Garden at a restaurant previously frequented by Bill Clinton and the Queen. This was followed by some champagne at the most fabulous rooftop bar, where the Director and Choir Manager were treated to flaming Lamborghinis - I think the picture speaks for itself!

Sunday saw us performing at SIVA - Shanghai Institute of Visual Art. A lunchtime concert there, and with an amazing reception from the students - we were treated like rock stars - members of the choir being mugged for their autographs and photos! 

We then performed at Dulwich College, Shanghai on Saturday evening, to a warm reception from friends and students.

Monday - the last day - piling out of the hotel at 0640 to our first stop - Yew Chung School - there we gave a performance and talked about Oxford University and applying there with the very enthusiastic students there. Lunchtime saw us a Shanghai High School, where again we gave a performance, and talked about Oxford University.

A short nap later and we arrived at the Shanghai Concert Hall for our last concert of the tour. This turn-of-the-century hall was moved brick by brick 67m down the road to make was for a motorway, but despite that has an amazing acoustic, and we hugely enjoyed singing there. A sold-out audience raised our game, and we sang an utterly brilliant concert (even if we say so ourselves). What a way to end the tour!


Tuesday was a series of long flights home, via Hong Kong. A passing Typhoon led to a more hair-raising flight into Hong Kong than many would have cared for but we eventually arrived back at Heathrow in one piece, albeit slightly delayed.

The tour in numbers:

Days: 16

Flights: 5

Ferrys: 2

Cities: 4

Suitcases lost: 1 (and only for under 24 hours)

Performances: 20

CDs sold: 180

Flags received: 1

Ornamental Rhinos received: 1