Tuesday saw us fly to Beijing, arriving late, the first thing we all noticed was a temperature drop of about 10 degrees - much more pleasant!

Wednesday morning saw us sightseeing in Tiananmen Square  (vast with a large portrait of Mao) and the Forbidden City (vast with a huge amount of symbolism throughout), both of which were a real eye-opener. 

We then headed to Dulwich College, Beijing, (a UK export!) to sing a lovely concert, the concert was webcast live, and you can view the performance here:

After a tour of the Temple of Heaven, Thursday saw the biggest concert of the tour so far in the Forbidden City Concert Hall. This impressive venue had the most incredible acoustic, we all felt privileged to sing there to a large audience. A special mention must to go Harry, our organ scholar, for playing the Faure Requiem so beautifully on a Hammond Organ.

Friday was a free day for the choir, we headed to the Great Wall of China. Most of us were unprepared for how steep it was, but were truly blown away by its scale and beauty, definitely the most impressive tourist sight we've seen all trip.

Saturday morning, at 4am - we were all up for our next (and final) stop - Shanghai.