The House of The Mind


The House of The Mind


Released June 2018

Choir of The Queen's College, Oxford
Owen Rees

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The House of the Mind, was released on Friday 8 June 2018. The disc features music by Howells and by composers who influenced or taught him (Vaughan Williams and Stanford), and later works (by Nico Muhly, David Bednall, and John Scott) specifically influenced by Howells’s musical language or by particular pieces by Howells.

Track list

1 Behold, O God our defender   Herbert Howells [4.08]
2 A Hymn for St Cecilia   Herbert Howells [3.17]
3 O Lord I am not haughty   David Bednall [5.25]
4 God be in my head   Herbert Howells [1.34]
5 The souls of the righteous   Ralph Vaughan Williams [3.13]
6 The House of the Mind   Herbert Howells [9.22]
7 Lighten our darkness   Charles Villiers Stanford [3.55]
8 Like as the hart    Herbert Howells [5.58]
9 Like as the hart   Nico Muhly [5.37]
10 Behold, O God our defender   John Scott [2.28]
11 My beloved spake   Patrick Hadley [3.28]
12 Regina caeli   Herbert Howells [3.14]
13    Alma redemptoris mater   David Bednall [5.20]
14    Salve regina   Herbert Howells [4.31]
15    Ave regina caelorum   David Bednall [4.20]
Total timing:   [66.01]